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Pizza Hut Ordering Kiosk

A large Pizza Hut franchisee reached out to GoToKiosk to work on a solution for an ordering kiosk that could go in Pizza Hut restaurants and third-party partnered locations so users could easily place and pay for orders directly from the kiosk. We worked with their current software solution to create their first working prototype. The sleek black kiosk was enhanced by adding Pizza Hut’s custom branding to grab the customers’ attention.

About this Product

Built with a resiliant steel and finished with a rugged powder coating. Each kiosk can be customized to suit your needs. Do you need a kiosk similiar to this one? Call us today so we can discuss your kiosk needs!

Touch Screen 22" High Bright Touch Screen.
Chassis Steel Chassis
Finish Rugged Powder Coat
Graphics Package Yes