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Let Us Design Your Kiosk
Why should we design your kiosk?
Getting Started
is Easy
Step One:
What type of kiosk would you need?
Step Two:
What specifics will you need?
GoToKiosk engineers & designers will create a mock up & design document based on your needs.
Form Factor
  • Small Indoor
  • Large Outdoor
  • Wall Mount
  • Pedestal
  • Table Top
  • Photo Camera
  • Bill and/or Coin Dispenser/Receiver
  • MSR with EMV security
  • Dispense gift cards
  • Optical Scanner for Barcode Reading
  • Receipt printer
  • RFID Reader
  • Custom Screen size
Custom Interface
  • Incorporate your logos
  • Add as many or few on-screen buttons as you wish
  • Add Audio/Videos
  • Add Maps
  • Create Advertisements
Step Three:
Production & Development

GoToKiosk will develop your software and user interface to your specifications. You can check in on the progress of your kiosks at anytime.

Possible Benefits of a Custom Kiosk:
  • Increase Customer Visits and Interaction
  • Low-cost Maintenance
  • The Workflow You Design
  • Branding